About Muutos |

Muutos is a nonprofit that help children to develop their full potential, promote, unite families and provide parents (teacher, caregivers, guidance and organizations dealing with children) with the best resources and programs designed to engage/ support them

What We Do

Parenting Counseling

We organize parenting counseling sessions & workshops to educate, sensitized and empower parents.

Parenting & Child Care Courses

Train in churches, offer parenting and child care courses to nursery and primary school teachers (Sometimes secondary teachers)

Child Development Expert

We Organize ideal learning games designed to identify and help develop the potentials in children.

Academic Assistance

We support schools with educational materials to setup, maintain and upgrade school libraries to promote literacy among kids.

Children Shop Operation

We operate a children shop where we help parents of all background to play their proper parenting role.

Parenting Consultancy

We offer general parenting consultancy and are also open to speak in your parenting and child related events.

Our Vision

To raise a generation of intelligent, productive, well-behaved, responsible and highly motivated children who will be relevant to their families and will add value to the society

Why We are the best

  • Team of Experts

    Our team is made up of highly educated, qualified and experience proper parenting  and childcare experts

  • Productive Education

    We offer age appropriate programs for kids which are effective and productive

  • Integrity for Duty

    Our team is known for their integrity and appropriate behavior/lifestyle

Latest News On Muutos

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Our Gallery

Donating Books to KidsWe’ll be donating books and other learning resources to children in primary schools
Counselling Kids Teaching children how they can improve on academics performance
Play TimeEducation with play time is less effective, Children still learn during play time.
Donating Books to KidsWe’ll be donating books and other learning resources to children in primary schools

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